Bringing Arts to the Heart of Our Community.

Friday Night Dance

Drop-in Lessons and Practice Dances at The ACT Arts Centre

11944 Haney Place, Maple Ridge

7pm – 8pm Beginners Drop-in Lesson
8pm – 10pm Practice Dance
$13.00 for Lesson & Dance
or $10.00 for Dance only
Cash Bar

These dances are a fun way to learn new dance styles or practice what you’ve already learned, see old friends and make new ones. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Robyn.

Lesson Dates

Select the date below to learn about Dance Lesson and to purchase tickets.

Theme: Latin/Ballroom
Lesson: Beginners Bachata
Tickets: Click here to Purchase

Theme: All Styles
Lesson: Beginners Cross-Step Waltz
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Theme: Swing/Country
Lesson: Beginners West Coast Swing
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Theme: Latin/Ballroom
Lesson: Beginners Salsa
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Tickets can be purchased at the door each Friday evening.
Robyn Picard

Robyn Picard DancingRobyn, as well her older siblings, were born into and raised by a dancing family, with her parents being Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dance Instructors. She started taking Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Ballet, & Modern Stage at the age of 4 and then went on to learn the various styles of partner dancing that would groom her to follow in her family’s footsteps. She has taught thousands of people, kids & adults, over the past 18 years around the Lower Mainland, teaching classes through The ACT Arts Centre, teaching in the public and private schools, doing choreography for wedding “first dances”, and other various special events. Her goal is to continue to facilitate the growing interest in partner dancing for young and old alike, and to introduce dance into more and more peoples lives as a great form of fitness & fun, a wonderful way to enjoy each other, and to socialize with the great groups of people in the continually growing dance community here in Maple Ridge.