Bringing Arts to the Heart of Our Community.

Gallery Shop

Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11am to 4pm, and selected evenings.


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The Gallery Shop is a bright, vibrant space that proudly represents local and regional creative talent. As a destination for those seeking high quality, contemporary craft, our shop has a strong ‘local’ flavour, with the majority of our artists and artisans calling the Lower Mainland their home.

We carry original artwork as well as art cards, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, basketry, glass, wood, bath and body products and a few specialty food items. Our friendly and knowledgeable volunteers are always happy to answer any questions or give suggestions.

Come by for a visit and support our gallery and local artists by shopping at the Gallery Shop!

Art Cards

Kim Aasen
Sole Avaria
Ann Blackwell
Sandy Bridal
Betty Coy
Shirley Felgner
Neil Hamelin
Kristin Krimmel
Jan MacLeod
Jackie Murton
Linda Nelson
Les Raskewicz
Risa Salsberg
Wendy Schmidt
Diane Spiers
Maaka Squier
Florence Waite
Jeff Wilson
Lyle Wilson
Helen Windsor



Bruce Coney
Lilo Schmid


Gord Hart
Des Wilson
Claudia Hayward


Andrew Bennett
Madeline Chisholm
Alison Denham
Silver Eagles
Gingerly Designs
Jen Ellis Designs
Dancing Leaf Designs
Barbara Wightman


Gay Mitchell
Lorna Anderson
Heather Schwartz