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ALT Fest

Hello Baby

An Instructional Lecture by a First Time, Semi-Competent Father

Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 8:00 pm
Pre-show at 7:15 pm
Studio Theatre | General Seating

ALT Fest 4 Show Package: $85
Adults: $25
Youth: $15

Written and Performed by Lucas Myers

HELLO BABY answers the burning question of what happens when a self-involved man-child becomes a new father as well as providing helpful hints for other fathers to be such as: “Is your life as you know it really over?”, “Can you safely operate a fax machine/belt sander/breast pump on two-hours sleep?” All the things you were afraid to ask in prenatal class will be answered, and more!



Ben Beveridge Trio

From the deep mountain valleys of the north Okanagan comes the rhythmic chunk of a mandolin, riding the percussive rush of a ringing acoustic guitar, with the crisp, driving melody of Ben Beveridge’s fiddle roaring across the bedrock and cutting new channels through the granite of modern traditional music.

With a vocal reminiscent of vintage country, Texas swing, and 20th century folk, Ben Beveridge, accompanied by Dylan Ranney and Jonathan Tromsness, weaves his mastery of fiddle, mandolin, guitar and fearless production into subtle, insightful stories of life.

Friends in Need Food Bank

Don’t forget to bring a non-perishable food donation for the Friends in Need Food Bank during the ALT Fest.

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