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The ACT Art Gallery features the work of amateur, emerging and mid-career artists. Exhibitions are selected with a view to providing a balanced program of local, regional and occasionally, international artists, so that the community benefits through the exposure of artwork created both within and outside the community.

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Upcoming Exhibition


New works by Aimée Henny Brown

June 23 – July 28, 2018

Fountain House
Aimeé Henny Brown, Fountain House I, 2018, scanned analogue collage, archival pigment on cotton rag
110 x 120 cm

Vancouver-based artist Aimée Henny Brown’s work draws on local history, architecture and archival photos and drawings as a means of breathing new life into images of both the recent and distant past.   Her background in photography, printmaking, and drawing are excellent preparation for these collage-based works, which place history and the future on an equal plane, often with an eerie sense of absence represented by empty silhouettes.

‘Shelter’ is a theme often embraced by Henny Brown’s work, referencing both her lifelong interest in architecture, and the temporal nature of her personal notions of ‘home’. As a sessional fine art instructor, her teaching and residencies have necessitated a somewhat itinerant lifestyle. However challenging these circumstances, Henny Brown points out that each new environment generates a period of reflection and research. This process amply supports the artist’s claim to be ‘site-responsive’ in her approach rather than rather than `site-specific’.

Henny Brown’s notions of `home’, or lack-thereof, are resonant with a number of current exhibitions which feature both humble and stylish cabins, unfinished interiors, and even tents, as the viability of conventional housing, at least in our urban centres, is no longer taken for granted. Perhaps, in these strange architectural ‘mash-up’s’ she is posing questions rather than providing solutions to the overwhelming lack of shelter, in a world that is replete with innovation, except where this fundamental human right is concerned.

Born and raised in Western Canada, Aimée Henny Brown completed her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts at the University of Alberta, focusing on print and book media. After moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 2005, she obtained her Masters in Fine and Media Arts at NSCAD University in 2007. She has received several awards and grants, notably the Joseph Beuys Scholarship for Artistic Merit and several Canada Council Production Grants.

Frozen Pitt Meadows Liz Boulton Acrylic


Garibaldi Art Club

With their latest Passagio Gallery exhibition, the Garibaldi Art Club hopes to evoke an eclectic mix of works.
Interpretations may include: winter weather, a cool colour scheme, baked beans, colourful weaving from the Andes, a relaxed evening with some light jazz, sipping Southern Comfort by a crackling fire with a hound at your feet and a kitten on your lap, or any other Chillin’-inspired image.
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