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Setsuko Piroche exhibition photo

Setsuko Piroche
September 10 to October 29, 2016
Photo: Les Raskiewicz

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Tidal Pull – Laurie Rolland and Jane Duford Johnston
March 5 – April 23, 2016
Photo: Les Raskiewicz
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Exhibition Under Development – Aaron Moran and Amelia Epp
January 8 – February 27, 2016
Photo: Les Raskiewicz
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Iceland Unbound – Alexandra Edmonds
October 17 – November 14, 2015
Photo: Les Raskiewicz


The ACT Art Gallery features the work of amateur, emerging and mid-career artists. Exhibitions are selected with a view to providing a balanced program of local, regional and occasionally, international artists, so that the community benefits through the exposure of artwork created both within and outside the community.

Current Exhibition

Kazuko, Setsuko Piroche, Nihonga (Japanese pigment painting), 49×70 cm, c. 1950’s

Setsuko Piroche

September 10 to October 29, 2016

When Setsuko Piroche made a permanent move from Japan to Canada as a young woman in 1967, she was already an accomplished painter in the Nihonga style, an ancient set of painting conventions and methods that have been practiced for thousands of years in Japan. Her new life in Canada, together with the influences of other cultures she had encountered along the way, set in motion a new three-dimensional form of self expression. The figures and wall pieces that emerged during this period created from fabric, fibre and mixed media came to be known as ‘soft sculpture.’ This exhibition combines both the paintings and sculpture to fully demonstrate the fascinating range of methods and stories that embody the career of artist, Setsuko Piroche.

Passagio Gallery

Desert Buttes, Lynda Sangster, Acrylic, 24x30"
Desert Buttes, Lynda Sangster, Acrylic, 24 x 30″

Bold and Beautiful

By The Garibaldi Art Club

Bold colours and beautiful subjects are interpreted through the brushwork strokes of the Garibaldi Art Club. Don’t miss their newest exhibit on display now!

The Passagio Gallery is located at The ACT Arts Centre on the upper floor. It is open to the public during regular building hours and free to access.